The representation of the colors may vary depending on the monitor! 

Choose the color that suits your application, but please note that not all colors are available for every zipper type.
An extension of the color range is possible with appropriate purchase quantities.

Plastic zippers: 
Spiral: - the articles PN 0, PR 0 and P 10 are available in all colors
                    - the articles P 20 and P 25 are available in the respective marked colors
cramp: - the articles PK 10 and PK 20 are available in full color version (tape and teeth tone in tone) in the respectively marked colors
                    - for cramp zippers with teeth in metallic tones or transparent teeth, further colors may be available;
                       please ask for the desired colors

metal zippers:
                      - the articles M 0 and M 10 are available in the respective marked colors.

Please note:
Slight color variations, also between the different zipper types, are possible!


The representation of the colors may vary depending on the monitor!


The color fastness of our zippers is confirmed by the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate and is regularly checked in our company.
Under special circumstances, however, dye migration from the zipper to the surrounding material may occur, in particular if
- if the articles are stored on top of each other at higher temperatures, high humidity or increased pressure
- when the fasteners come into contact with oils, greases or plasticizers, especially in plastics or imitation leather
- when zippers with very dark or bright colors are used in light-colored fabrics