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We deliver chain  in the following types:

Typ with of tape format per roll
PR 0 12 mm 200 m
PR 0 16 mm* 200 m
W 0 (Webkette)  9 mm* 200 m
W 0 (Webkette) range of colours 12 mm* 200 m
P 10 16 mm 150 m
P 10 20 mm* 100 m
P 10 27 mm (nur schwarz) 50 m
W 10 (Webkette) range pf colours 16 mm* 150 m
P 20 20 mm* 50 m
P 25 20 mm* 50 m
PK 10 14 mm und 18mm

100 m

PK 20 18 mm* und 20 mm 50 m
PK 20 20 mm* 50 m
M 0** 12 mm 200 m
M 10*** 15 mm 150 m
MS 10 15 mm 150 m


* limted range of colour

** please specify when ordering as 2-way zippers

*** not useable for 2-way zippers nicht für den Einsatz als 2-Wege-Verschluss


Chains are also available for the following products: mPR 0, mP 10, waPR 0, waP 10, trPR 0, trP 10, piping (half-sided)


                                 Here you can see our slider mounting device!     

                                                            Tips for slider mounting                                                              



You have to separate the chain when when it is loose or already sewed into another item. Than you have to cut the right half of the chain at an angle.

After you have pulled up the slider for 0,5 cm on the left half of the chain – you have to thread the cut right half of the chain into the slider in an angle of 45°.

You have to keep both ends of the chain below the slider and pull the slider on the chain for about 5 cm.




You have to pay attention to the fact that there is no mismatch between the both halves of the the chain. If necessary you have to pull off the slider and after correction of the halves to pull up it again.




For the whole operation you should use our special slider mounting device which you can fix at every tabletop (e.g. sewing machine table).

Mounting plates are replaceable and available for many different sliders.