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Zipper packs for pants, skirts and pillows each 50 pieces


Article APR 0 (polyester zipper, spiral 4,2 mm):                   short lengths:      12-22 cm           long lengths:        30-60 cm

Article PN 0 (invisible polyester zipper, spiral 4,2 mm):   short lengths:     12-29 cm           long lengths:        30-60 cm


Each set consists of 50 zippers in the specified lengths. All zippers are provided with standard sliders. The zipper packs are arranged from our production surplus

and are therefore mixed in color and always different in their composition.

PN 0

Zippers / Special items/  up to 50% discount                                                                                                                     

APR0 polyester zipper, 4,2 mm spiral, closed end)


-        with painted automatic slider, different length:

          10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 25 cm, 44 cm

-        with automatic slider nickel, nickel free, length:

          14 cm and 16 cm


The zippers are not pure white. 
We will send you a sample on request.

Zipper packs for jackets                                                                   

Pack with 40 open end zippers art. BP 10 (spiral 6 mm) and BPK 10 (delrin zipper 6 mm), packed in variable compositions.

- Lengths between 30 cm and 100 cm.

- mixed clolours

Zipper pack of plated zipper chain                                                        

1 Zipper pack of plated zipper chain

-        in different spiral surfaces and tape colors 

-        one pack contains about 88 m of art. mPR 0 (4,2 mm spiral) or about 55 m of art. mP 10 (6,5 mm spiral)

-        leftovers from our production with a minimum length of 1 m and a maximum length of 10 m

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